If you’re a blogging enthusiast, or perhaps a small business looking to build an attractive and functional website without breaking your piggy bank, website builders are the way to go. Among the top contenders, Wix and Squarespace are the top two. Sometimes however, ad-hoc support may be required for those needing a little help.

As it stands, the internet is swamped with content management systems (CMS) and other website builders all trying to get your attention. Opensource and propriety solutions alike. At the end of the day, this makes it even more difficult choosing the most ideal system for your needs. So, we’ve decided to narrow these down to two of the most popular platforms – Wix and Squarespace.

Which One Should You Use?

Wix VS Squarespace Breakdown

Before considering any other parameters, one of the things we need to focus on ease of use, regardless of your level of skill or expertise. There is absolutely no use in opting for a website builder with specialised features if you are unable to use them.

There is a lot of commonality between Wix and Squarespace, especially in their features. They are both designed with drag-and-drop editors, and are both easy to use.

With ad-hoc website services, and this is primarily for business owners and marketers who have a lot on their plates, a team of designers can simply choose the ideal elements (from text, images right through to social sharing widgets) for your website and position them in a manner that is functional and pleasing in design.

Wix Ease Of Use

Ad-hoc website service providers can easily create your Wix website with ease. The website builder is fun and interactive with creative and agile elements and you can move elements without dumbing down its functions – it caters to beginners and tech experts.

Even though it has drop-and-drag features, you can use its unique Artificial Design Intelligence (Wix ADI) OPTION. This option requires you to enter your website details including the purpose of your site, add elements you want as well as the theme and voila! Wix ADI automatically creates the website with all your desired preferences.

Squarespace Ease Of Use

Squarespace is also great for beginners but has more technical aspects than Wix making it far better to hire ad-hoc website services due to the higher learning curve. However, once you have a firm grasp on the layout and the user interface, the world is your oyster, and all falls into place.

Squarespace Drag And Drop

The awesome thing about Squarespace is that it allows you to use a variety of templates all at once for a single website. You can add multiple content with ease, a simple click anywhere on your website is all it takes.


There’s a lot more that goes into which of these two website builders you can choose from. From templates, pricing, and SEO features, there’s a lot that goes into it.

But sometimes asking for a little help can create even better results!

Speak to an ad-hoc website service provider like us at Web Design Tweed Heads for all your website builder needs.

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