Your business needs a snazzy new website pronto. Thankfully, expert web development and web design in Tweed Heads, Big Rock Graphics has got you covered.

However, before you start on the journey of creating your website, you need to make sure you know what web design is so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Web design is often conflated with web development, but the two concepts are quite different and require different sets of skills. To put it simply, web design revolves around the aesthetics of the website, whereas web development revolves around the functionality of the website. If web development is the engine of a car, web design is the car’s beautiful body and paint job.

Web designers need to ensure a balanced layout with contrasting colours to create an appealing look and feel to the website that doesn’t feel overstuffed nor empty. They need to know which elements need highlighting and then how to do so without making users feel herded like cattle towards clickbait. They need to ensure that the website feels internally consistent and that it aligns with your brand.

Most importantly, they need to ensure that the website conveys a sense of unity and wholeness.

These are the overlapping yet distinct aspects of web design:

User Experience

Web designers specialise in crafting a pleasing user experience. Good web design will be based on extensive research into the aesthetic sensibilities and website needs of your target audience. This might involve a degree of testing and revision to get it just right. The user experience aspect of web design is focused on a holistic approach to the conceptualisation of the website.

User Interface

Where the user experience aspect of web design is about crafting a good overall foundation on which to build the concept of the website, the user interface development is all about crafting the specific look and feel of the website. This involves designing individual elements and ways for users to interact with those elements in ways that serve the user experience.

Visual Design

Visual design is precisely what the term implies. It involves visual creativity and artistry to draw, design or source imagery and other visual elements of your website – all in service to the overarching user experience and user interface that has been carefully and strategically developed. Here designers will use specialised software and training to bring the creative vision to life and also to iron out any other design problems that might be encountered.

To bring your website to life, you need professional web design in Tweed Heads. Contact Big Rock Graphics to find out how we can make your website dream a reality!

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