For many years, the primary reason for getting in touch with a web designer, developer or a website agency was building the hub of your online presence; your website. However, there are so many more services that have an online e-commerce store, for example, that you could reap the benefits of. Ad hoc support services are a great way of adding onto your existing website to reach new clients and build your customer database for future reselling or advertising purposes.

Many digital, graphic and web design companies are trying to encourage business owners, marketing managers and web developers to move away from trying to reinvent the wheel. As it stands, web designers aim to support various needs of dependable, cost-effective websites. Can you imagine the extra mile they go for technical support solutions and website maintenance? Ad hoc technical services are convenient and add value to your websites’ offerings.

Looking at e-commerce stores, two of the standouts that are growing in popularity include Shopify and WooCommerce. These popular platforms can be added to your website, especially if you have products to sell.

Shopify Vs. WooCommerce:

Just a short insight into why these platforms are great add-ons to your website:

They are both exceptional e-commerce solutions with similar features and functionality. For one, Shopify is fairly new and is a great option for businesses that need turnkey solutions. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is more fitting for anyone who wants full control of their e-commerce platform and wants the leverage of WordPress. Choosing between the two will solely be dependent on your needs and the pricing between the two.  

Ad hoc technical support services can be provided for these options as well as for website’s that require maintenance.


Hacked Site Recovery

Security breaches are a major issue, and businesses of all sizes need to protect themselves from these attacks. With every security breach, ad hoc technical support to help get your website back in no time.

Google Penalty Recovery

There are several rules and regulations that Google abides by, and when they issue you with a penalty, you need technical support services to deal with the problem so that you can return to results pages.

Site Performance Issues

Website performance issues are a huge crisis, and one of the quickest ways to lose valuable customers. Poor performing sites result in the worst online experience. Web developers will ensure this does not ever happen.

Fixing Software Bugs

One thing that can ruin your entire website, e-commerce store or not, are software bugs. Technical support specialists can assess, identify and tackle those bugs efficiently.

There are additional services that ad hoc technical support agencies can provide including website support like installing WordPress, update the content on your site for advertising, make tweaks, add functionality plugins, and perform custom developments.

At Big Rock Graphics, we go beyond to serve the needs of each of our clients. Our website support services are reliable and the best in the business.

Get in touch with us with all your questions; we’re happy to help!

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