Our Top 8 Branding Products (and they are free to download!)

Our Top 8 Branding Products (and they're free to download!)

If you ever needed, or have an existing need, for an almost complete branding pack in a hurry then Big Rock Graphics have covered that for you.

Branding should remain consistent to ensure that your business brand doesn’t confuse existing or potential customers. Good consistency makes an impression and that impression is reflect in how recognisable your brand is to others.

For example, to endeavour that their brand remained recognisable across their product range, Coca-Cola spent nearly $3 billion dollars on advertising in 2010. If, their advertising used different branding designs over that time, that would have been $3 billion wasted. No matter how well known the brand name it’s consistency in brand image that matters.

There is much more to branding than the simple examples mentioned above, including in-depth market analysis, but we won’t bore you with those details that at this moment… not just yet anyway.

Below you’ll find almost everything you need from business card and signage designs to a complete functional website. These are what we consider the Top 8 design products that are essential to existing or soon-to-be businesses.

Download one item or all of them for a near complete full branding pack. Simply Like, Tweet or +1 to unlock the content and download.

Free Compliments Slip Design

These stationary, signage and website designs are presented with compliments by Big Rock Graphics

Designs available are:

  • Business Card
  • Pull Up Banner
  • A4 Letterhead
  • DL Compliment Slip
  • DL Envelope
  • Banner Sign
  • A-Frame Sign
  • Responsive website

Customisation services for these items are available. Contact us for an obligation free quote for the cost of these services or to order your own individual design.

Big Rock Graphics can provide full event or corporate branding designs precisely to your specifications.

File Types Provided

ZIP – Containing .PSD file type content(s).

Applications Required
  • Photoshop CS4+
Fonts Used
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Business Card

Free Business Card Design

Pull Up Banner

Free Pull Up Banner Design

A4 Letterhead

Free A4 Letterhead Design

DL Compliment Slip

Free Compliments Slip Design

DL Envelope

Free DL Envelope Design

Banner Sign

Free Banner Sign Design

A-Frame Sign

Free A-Frame Sign Design


Free Corporate Website Design