Digital marketing in Tweed Heads or anywhere else in Australia is no longer a nice-to-have option but a must-have necessity.

There is no getting around the fact that the business world is going digital. If there was ever any doubt or hesitancy before, the pandemic has all but ensured the ascendance of a digital future more than ever.

Here are three common mistakes businesses make when embarking on their digital marketing journeys.

You Think That Clickbait Is a Sustainable Tactic

Pro tip: it’s not.

Many digital marketers try to boost audience engagement numbers by investing heavily in clickbait content. This kind of content is characterised by spinning content headlines to sound incredibly appealing and intriguing. When a visitor actually follows the link, however, the content is often underwhelming or downright unrelated.

Consider the concept of a brand promise. Your brand promises customers a service or a product that comes with a specific set of standards and quality that they should be able to depend on. If you break your brand promise by delivering subpar quality, you break trust with the customer, and your business suffers.

By consistently posting misleading links, you are systematically breaking down the trust relationship with your customers, who will simply begin to avoid and ignore your messaging, deeming it false. Your brand will suffer in the long term.

You’re Investing Too Heavily In Paid Ads Only

Paid advertising is the dependable old go-to for marketers because it is quick and easy. It has its part to play but can only go so far in convincing customers of your worth.

Sometimes this tactic is referred to as first-person marketing – where the company endorses itself. At a certain point, customers simply need a bit more convincing than that to get them to the point of purchase.

Third-person marketing tactics, where other companies or customers endorse you, can convince customers who were on the fence. This is achieved through careful and clever investment in the management of your social media and other online platforms. It usually takes time and patience, but when it starts paying off, it’s worth it.

You Get What You Pay For

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to do all their digital marketing themselves to save money. Otherwise, they blunder by hiring a somewhat shonky digital marketing company that comes in cheap and full of promises that they fail to deliver on – either due to ineptitude or else due to a lack of resources.

Sometimes it’s worth paying a reasonable price for an excellent service. If you don’t hire true experts to handle your digital marketing needs, you won’t likely end up with good results.

To have true professionals take care of your digital marketing needs in Tweed Heads, contact us at Big Rock Graphics to find out what we can do for you!

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