The Importance of Local Search Engine Marketing During COVID-19
Publish Date 26 August, 2020
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Search engine marketing is arguably the best way to maintain visibility at a time when the world is standing still. Connecting you with your local community and consumers is key to staying afloat. With COVID-19 having all but shut down the world, ensuring your audience can still find you online is integral to the success of your business over this time. While there are many ways to achieve this goal, harnessing SEM is an effective, efficient way to get there.

SEO as the foundation, relies on the organic building of value and authority to increase overall visibility. While this is highly important to the overall success of your strategy, as a practice, it does require time to build said value.

With the events of today, taking this a step further allows you to harness the paid aspects of Google, and in turn, reach a higher level of result in less time. It may not build the same authority as SEO, but it does allow you to bid and manoeuvrer your way to the top position quicker. AdWords offers various avenues to explore to ensure that you can have a diverse, all-encompassing and strategic approach to your overall design.

During a time where many are having to reduce spending and cut back on costs, there could be an opportunity for maintained and even increased visibility through lower keyword costs and competition.

What Is It?

AdWords, or pay-per-click as the approach is referred to, is a way to grasp the power of Google and its user base by paying for every interaction and bidding to appear above organic searches. Through bidding and strategic placement, you can promote your page as the top ad for your related keywords on Google.

These ads target certain interests and demographics to advertise the relevant product or service best directly linked back to those keywords. Taking into account many elements of your ad and page linked to it, it is not always simple or even possible to reach a top spot for every keyword selected. Only a few strategic ones may be fully engaged.

While your placement may not be guaranteed, the time it takes to apply is instant – once successful your ad is live and active. Utilising the location of your organisation within your placements also allows you to appear more relevant and of interest to those close by, meaning you can focus on different keyword sets that may be location-specific. Often used to boost initial exposure of a site until organic value is built and defined. Selecting word or phrase specific focus, allowing you to put your money where you see the most value.

This digital design gives you access to your actively searching, local market. Adjusting keyword selections to further refine your desired demographic as you grow, this is an effective means of reaching your broader audience through a massive platform in quick time. As a paid method of advertising on this platform, you only pay for the ads users have clicked through to, meaning you can adjust unsuccessful campaigns to ensure an ideal ratio of spending and return.

How Can It Help?

During a time where most are stuck inside, having the internet as their main source of interaction, well-placed communication could make a world of difference to your brand – a way to boost local activity within your community as well as reach out to your usual customer base. As people are bound to their suburbs, they need to be aware of what convenience is close by. Whether honing in on current needs and key engagements to promote your timely product or service, or utilising low bidding in areas to get more effective placement on keywords, well planned campaigns over AdWords can ensure you are visible at a time where more people are searching than pre-covid days.

Defined, targeted marketing as a key function allows you to directly reach the demographic you want. One of the quickest ways to boost website traffic and direct users to your pages, PPC allows you to define a range of features within your audience that appeals to your strategy. Increasing conversions and sales, this approach targets consumers at a critical point in their engagement. Targeting potential customers when they are actively searching for your product or service ensures you get quality leads and relevant traffic rather than appealing to a broader, undefined segment of the market. In a time of the pandemic, this is a useful tool to ensure the people who need your business can find it with ease – making you visible and valuable.

PPC allows you to expose your brand to a defined geographic region, meaning you can target your audience globally or locally, honing in on your ideal target market or active consumer group. Fast-paced exposure adds to it the ability to quickly promote or introduce new products to the market. Ready to go as soon as you are, this is an instant route of exposure that works as long as you get the bid. This level of digital interaction also gives you an allowance to actively control your advertising spend, targeting only a defined set of potential customers, and within a defined set of time and date parameters. Working in combination with other digital tools, this allows you to effectively manage online efforts to give you the best possible return on investment.

Top-notch search engine marketing is integral to the success of your modern brand. Trust in professional agencies to ensure you get reliable, high quality work that plays into the best practices of the day. Get in touch with Big Rock Graphics to further understand the intricacies of SEM.

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