Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019
Publish Date 4 June, 2019
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When it comes to website design, the right colours, typography and spacing can communicate a concept or idea better than a thousand words can – if executed correctly and with a bigger picture in mind. It’s something that impacts how people view your brand and can encourage or discourage them from leaving their email address or buying something.

While the fundamentals of website design might change, its visual approach will evolve over time. After all, one only needs to look at a website from as little as ten years ago to see what an impact this can make. To keep your site from being seen as old and outdated, it helps to keep up with graphic design trends.

Here are a few that are worth implementing this 2019.

3D Design and Typography

The beauty of three-dimensional designs is that they add an incredible amount of depth, making the words or images being used seem like they’re leaping out towards you. Abstract compositions and shapes also work well here. #D typography can work with a variety of fonts, and Skinny, Bold, Consolas or Script fonts are well suited to be delivered in 3D.

For a simple but effective update, you could create a 3D version of your brand logo or mascot.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Grid-based designs are falling away as bespoke asymmetrical designs are becoming more popular. Using asymmetrical layouts, however, demands attention to detail. If done correctly it will grab the attention of anyone visiting your site as it creates visual tension and is something they wouldn’t be expecting to see.

Make sure that this approach carefully balances big, small, contrasting and neutral elements to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

Art Deco

Modern isn’t always better, and Art Deco is an example of a style born decades ago that can still be used today. As certain brands realise they can capitalise on the potential of their classic or retro appeal, art deco has become a popular choice of style for website design. Think delicately lined artwork, metallic hues and aerodynamic curves.

These are just three possible design design trends that you could apply to your online presence. Of course, it will depend on your brand identity, target market and many other factors. Your best bet is to contact a professional design company like Big Rock Graphics. We’ll help you select and apply the most appropriate design trends to your website – for a cohesive finish that attracts the right kind of attention.

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