Breaking Down Our 4 Main SEO Packages & What They Can Do For You
Publish Date 28 January, 2020
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When you speak of marketing in modern times – digital marketing in particular – Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of those terms you can’t ignore.

The practice is an essential part of gaining reach online, but many business owners still have questions on how to approach it. Because every digital agency approaches it differently, we’ve decided to bring this discussion closer to home.

SEO is constantly evolving, so there are many techniques that can be used to crack it and achieve results. In this blog, we explain your options as they relate to the four different types of packages we offer.

#1 – The Keyword Base Package

Let’s start off with our most basic package.

With the Keyword Base approach, our team targets a specific number of keywords (10-15) through on-page and off-page SEO.

This package doesn’t include copywriting, so you have to be careful to select the correct keywords in accordance with your competition.

This is ideal for businesses who know their niche well and are willing to wait for ranking results to improve over a few months.

#2 – The Consulting Base Package

Unlike the previous package, this one is more flexible and is proving to be one of our most popular choices.

Here, you have two options to add value to the package after monitoring progress for six months. This allows you to target more keywords and diversify your reach.

We offer consulting-based SEO under three categories, namely:

  • Normal, which targets 20 keywords at first;
  • Advanced, which targets 30 keywords at first; and
  • Aggressive, which targets 40 keywords at first.

This package can be switched between the 3 options listed above, however it is not recommended to scale backwards (eg. Aggressive to Normal) for at least 3-4 months as this has the potential to damage rankings on select chosen keywords.

#3 – The Maintenance Package

(not recommended for new campaigns)

If you already have SEO campaigns bringing in results, but aren’t sure how to keep them on par, this package is for you.

Here, the focus is on maintaining the ranking that your business has already achieved by targeting a maximum of 20 keywords.

We don’t recommend it for brand new campaigns, so make sure your campaigns are on the right track for this one.

#4 The Premium SEO Package

Our Premium SEO is ideal for companies with highly competitive niches and a demand to achieve fast results. We also refer to it as the Corporate SEO package as it’s an all inclusive package including copywriting and content creation.

The approach here is to target keywords aggressively, with no extra charges for content that we provide.

The three different types of Premium SEO are:

  • The Starter Premium Package, which targets 50 – 60 keywords;
  • The Intermediate Premium Package, which targets 100 – 110 keywords; and
  • The Advanced Premium Package, which targets 150-160 keywords.

As you can see, the core differences between the packages is the frequency of tasks. It’s all about the quality and speed of results that our clients expect.

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