A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Sales with Lead Generation and Lead Funnels
Publish Date 23 March, 2020
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Hold onto your seats while we take you back to the beginning. When it comes to growing your business and increasing your sales, there are things that you can do to guide your marketing strategy in the right direction.

What Is A Lead?

Before we dig any deeper on the subject, let’s clarify exactly what the ‘lead’ part of lead generation and lead funnels is.

A lead is anyone that shows interest in what you’re selling. Leads typically come from a business opening up communication be it through an online contact form or a mail subscription list. There are different leads that can be grouped according to how they qualify as a lead and that stage of the process that they are in.

Lead Generation: An Overview

Now that we’ve gone over what a lead is, it’s time to talk about increasing the number of leads your business has. This is called lead generation; the process of attracting and converting a stranger into an interested party.

Some lead generator examples:

  • Online content
  • Live events
  • Coupons
  • Blog posts
  • Applications

These are just a few lead generation strategies that you can implement in your marketing campaign that can result in more interested buyers joining the conversation.

A Lead Funnel

A lead funnel or a lead generation funnel is similar to a sales funnel in that it is a pathway involving a series of stages that a lead will go through before being labeled a profitable customer.

Stages of the lead funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Lead capture
  • Prospect
  • Marketing qualified leads
  • Sales qualified leads
  • Opportunities leads
  • Customer

Why Lead Generation Is A Must

Think of it this way, you’ve caught the attention of someone online and they’ve subscribed to your monthly newsletter. What’s your plan to get someone that’s idly curious into being full-on interested and willing to become a buyer. This is where lead generation comes in. It’s the process that you need to nurture and grow your leads so that they convert into sales.

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